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   Select and download the package(s) you want from the 'files' tab
   Open the .rar file and find the folder beginning 'mod' (lowercase)
   Copy this folder to the 'mods' directory in your Witcher 3 root folder
   You'll find a file called modBrutalCombatConfig.xml in the .rar - pop this here: \bin\config\r4game\user_config_matrix\pc\
   Also in the package is EXAMPLEinput.settings. Add these settings to input.settings, normally located at C:\Users\\Documents\The Witcher 3\
   If using the Blood FX component, please edit \bin\config\base\rendering.ini as follows:

               DynamicDecalsLimit=60 - Change to 600
               DynamicDecalsChunkLimit=30 - Change to 300
               DecalBudget=100 - Change to 1000

   Set Enemy Upscaling to 'off' in the Gameplay settings.
   Go into the mod options and select the difficulty preset you wish to play with.
   Have a look through the documentation as required.

Version Compatibility

Each version of the mod is only compatible with one version of the game. Versions are not backwards compatible, so please note version compatibility as follows:

Game Version   Mod Version
V1.08               V0.1 - V0.6.2
V1.10               V0.6.3 - V0.6.4
V1.11               V0.6.5
V1.12               V0.6.6
V1.12               V0.7
V1.12               V0.8
V1.12               V0.9 + V0.9.1
V1.12               V1.0 + V1.0.1
V1.21               V1.21
V1.31               V1.31 including GOTY version

***Please ensure your game version matches the mod version, or you will get errors. The latest version will ONLY work with versions of the game with BOTH expansion packs, or the GOTY version.

This mod started as a small combat tweak but has evolved into pretty much a complete gameplay overhaul. There is a plethora of changes, improvements and new additions to the gameplay, many of which are user customiseable so that the experience can be fine tuned. The overall aim was to make the game more immersive and the gameplay experience even mo